USM Haller 3 x 2 Cabinet / Console with 6 Doors in Black



  • Color: Black
  •  Length: 20.5″
  •  Width: 79.5″
  •  Height: 29.25″

This is a beautiful 6-door (3 x 2) cabinet / console by USM Haller.

It features 3 “flip up” doors on the top level, and 3 “drop down” doors on the bottom level. (I may be able to make some small modifications as well to this configuration.)

The middle section of this unit is 20″ wide (and 20″ deep), and the sections on the two ends of the unit are each 30″ wide (and 20″ deep).

The total dimensions of this unit are:

This piece is generally in very nice condition, with only some light scuffs or scratches. All of the drawers function great. I don’t have the keys, but they can be ordered from USM, if needed.