Our Commitment

Conserv is more than our name – it’s our commitment.

We are committed to reducing waste by giving your office furniture and assets a second life. Through our innovative programs which repurpose, recycle and donate used office furniture, we can help ensure that your office assets do not join the millions of tons of office furniture discarded in landfills each year each year.

We seek out non-profits and community organizations

Utilizing our national network of charitable organizations, we seek out non-profits and community organizations who could benefit from the use of your furniture or other assets.  By partnering with non-profit organizations across the nation through Conserv’s Charitable Partnership, you can help improve the work environment for those who help others.  Not only are you benefiting the environment by reducing your company’s waste output, but while helping these charities fulfill their important mission your company can also receive positive press and environmental reporting at the same time. 

Our commitment to sustainability is paramount in everything we do. While your furniture or other office assets may no longer be useful for your business, our objective is to repurpose, recycle and/or donate these assets so that they are not disposed of in a landfill.

Non-profits and community organizations:

Contact us to join our Charity Partnership, so you can benefit from our repurposing program and help us give gently used furniture a second life.

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