USM Haller 2 x 2 Cabinet / Console with 2 Drawers & 8 Pull-Out Shelves


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This is a beautiful 4-drawer (2 x 2) cabinet/console by USM Haller in Light Grey with 2 drawers and 8 pull-out shelves. While not white, it closely resembles white, as seen in the slight contrast in the last two photos showing some white paper on top of the cabinet.

Featuring 2 extension doors/drawers on the bottom level and 8 pull-out shelves on the top level.

The inside height/clearance of the pull-out shelves in this unit ranges from approximately 2.5″ to 2.75″. The bottom three pullout shelves on each side have approximately 2.75″ clearance, while the top pullout shelves on each side have approximately 2.5″ clearance. The inside height of the drawers on the bottom of this unit is approximately 10-3/4″.

This piece is generally in very nice condition, with only some light scuffs or scratches. All of the drawers function great. Please note that I don’t have the keys, but they can be ordered from USM if needed.