Knoll Saarinen Tulip Armchair With Blue Seat


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This is an original Saarinen Tulip Swivel Armchair by Knoll, featuring a blue fabric seat.

Renowned architect Eero Saarinen was celebrated for his ability to create expressive sculptural forms. From the iconic TWA Terminal at New York’s JFK Airport to the majestic Gateway Arch in St. Louis, his creations are imbued with a sense of magic. The Saarinen Tulip Armchair (1956) emerged from Saarinen’s belief that “the underside of typical tables and chairs makes a confusing, unrestful world.”

With its swivel seat, this chair stands on a gracefully shaped cast-aluminum base, inspired by the fluidity of high-viscosity liquid.

Crafted in Italy, this chair is an authentic Knoll Saarinen Tulip Armchair, boasting a sturdy cast-aluminum base and a distinct sculptural design inspired by fluid forms. The swiveling seat provides convenient access to or departure from a table.