Intellipure 468 Ultrafine Air Purifier



This is the Model 468 Ultrafine Air Purifier by Intellipure.
These units were purchased for a office during Covid, but the office ended up closing instead of bringing people back to work, so these units have barely been used, and are in really nice condition.

The Intellipure® Ultrafine 468 features our proprietary DFS technology, which traps and eliminates potentially harmful ultrafine particles in your indoor air at better efficiency than a HEPA filter. Unit is supplied with a complete set of filters (1 of each). Powerful and built to serve spaces up to 1,200 sq. feet.

Intellipure® Ultrafine 468 brings together exceptional performance and thoughtful design in an air purifier for medium size spaces. It has a unique, multi-stage filtration system intended to neutralize particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microorganisms. The Ultrafine 468 comes equipped with our patented DFS technology, which enhances the performance of the main filter and inhibits growth of organisms within the system.

-Highest-quality EC motor results in up to 50% less operating cost
-Two wheels make this system easily mobile
-Thoughtful air-tight design that is easy to integrate into homes or businesses
-Certified Zero Ozone by Intertek