COR Nenou Designer Swivel Easy Chair

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This is the Nenou Easy Chair / Lounge Chair with a Swivel Base, by high-end European designer/manufacturer, COR

The Spanish for water lily is ‘nenúfar’, which was the model and inspiration for the Nenou furniture concept. And just as naturally as water lilies group together in a pond, its leaf-shaped upholstery elements are grouped into ever new topographies in open space. The easy chairs, stools and poufs, created jointly by designer Jörg Boner and COR, also invoke leaves in detail – with circumferential piping and central depressions that accommodate not only their owners both comfortably and fittingly, but also the shapely trays made of solid wood and natural stone.

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Dimensions 30 × 25.5 × 30 in





Jörg Boner