Conserv will help you meet your objectives seamlessly

Whether your company is consolidating, decommissioning, relocating or simply remodeling its office space, Conserv will help you meet your objective seamlessly, so that you can focus on your business.

1 - Planning

Contact us as soon as you are ready to begin planning your project, so that we can put Conserv’s experience to work for you, from the initial planning, through execution. From the moment you contact Conserv, our objective is to meet your company’s needs. We will partner you with our project manager who will remain your point of contact throughout the course of your project.

2 - Evaluation

Our project manager will discuss your plan and evaluate your company’s needs to determine how Conserv can best meet your business objectives. With a focus on your business’s needs, our project manager will evaluate your surplus office furniture and other business assets and develop a plan to achieve your project’s objectives, while at the same time maximizing the value you retain from your furniture or other assets.

  • If your project involves furniture or other assets that are no longer needed by your company, our project manager will propose innovative solutions to recycle, repurpose and/or donate furniture or assets that can have additional useful life.
  • Through Conserv’s Charity Partnership, we identify non-profit organizations that can benefit from the furniture and assets no longer needed by your office.

3 - Proposal

Our project manager will discuss various options with you, will present you with a written proposal based on your input. Upon your acceptance of the proposal, our project manager will work with you develop a timeline and schedule the date or dates for the project.

4 - Project Date

Our project manager will contact you as the project date is nearing to confirm all of the arrangements and to finalize any last minute details. When the project date arrives, you can rest assured that Conserv’s team will have everything take care of. Our project manager will be on site and will remain contact with you throughout the project to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

5 - Donations through Charity Partnership

For office furniture that is donated through our Charity Partnership, Conserv will make arrangements for the delivery of your office furniture to the organization in need. Once your furniture is received, Conserv will provide you with photos and further details from the receiving organization, as well as a written acknowledgment from the recipient organization for your in-kind contribution.

6 - Congratulations!

Congratulations! By partnering with Conserv Office Solutions for your project, you have helped your company meet its objectives, assisted a non-profit organization in its important mission, and helped divert considerable waste from landfills.

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