Liquidation & Decommissioning

Whether you are downsizing, transitioning, relocating or refocusing on other business pursuits, and your office furniture, equipment or other assets are no longer needed, Conserv is your one-stop solution for the efficient and economic liquidation of your surplus office assets. Whether it is a large office complex or a small office, Conserv can also meet the challenge of any deadline.

  • Our project managers will visit your office site, discuss your objectives and compile an inventory of your furniture and other assets.
  • While on site, they will evaluate your furniture and other assets to determine what assets can be resold, repurposed or donated.
  • With a focus on achieving your business objectives, Conserv will provide you with a proposal for disassembly and removal of your furniture and other assets, while maximizing the value that can be recovered through the resale, repurposing or donation of your assets.
  • Our commitment to sustainability is paramount in everything we do. While your furniture or other office assets may no longer be useful for your business, our objective is to repurpose, recycle and/or donate these assets so that they are not disposed in landfills.
  • Conserv will also perform de-installation of cables, fixtures and temporary structures, as needed to ensure that your office space is returned to its pre-lease condition.

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