Vitra Visavis 2 Chair


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The Visavis 2 visitor and conference chair seamlessly blends aesthetic simplicity, structural clarity, and remarkable comfort, making it an ideal choice for various settings.

Crafted with a tubular steel frame, this cantilever chair offers exceptional comfort due to its innovative design. The suspension of the seat allows it to respond dynamically to the user’s movements, providing a slightly springy flexibility that enhances comfort. The backrest, constructed of flexible plastic with integrated armrests, not only offers robust support to the spine but also promotes mobility. Perforations in the backrest ensure continuous airflow, contributing to the overall comfort experience.

Beyond its ergonomic design, the Visavis 2 chair boasts practical features suitable for diverse environments. Whether in training venues or large auditoriums, its stackable design allows for efficient storage and space management.

With its combination of functionality, comfort, and sleek design, the Visavis 2 chair is a versatile seating solution that meets the needs of various spaces while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.