Sorrento Coffee Table by Arhaus


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Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our Sorrento Occasional Table Collection, where the allure of nature meets expert craftsmanship. Each tabletop boasts a mesmerizing floral mosaic, meticulously crafted from glazed tiles by skilled artisans. Enhancing the elegance, metal accents in a lustrous brass finish adorn the edges.

Crafted from Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete, our tables combine the strength of high-strength glass fibers with cement, resulting in a remarkably durable and weather-resistant composite. To ensure longevity, the concrete composite bases are reinforced with sturdy metal frames, providing both stability and endurance.

Our commitment to quality extends to the finishing touches. Every surface is meticulously polished, sealed, and coated with a clear polyurethane topcoat, guarding against scratches and stains while preserving its pristine beauty.

Measuring 36″ in diameter and standing 16″ tall, these tables are not just functional pieces but exquisite works of art, ready to grace your outdoor space with sophistication and style.