Lepalma LEM Piston Stool In Brown


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The LEM Piston Stool by Lapalma is an iconic piece of furniture that has earned recognition for its innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship. Used in an office setting for a few years, these stools remain in excellent condition, with only minor signs of wear, reflecting their durability and quality construction.

Recipient of the prestigious Product of the Year award at the FX International Interior Design Awards, the LEM Piston Stool embodies a fresh perspective on seating design. Its sculptural form and adjustable height feature, activated by a simple lever mechanism, offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Crafted with a durable steel frame and base, these stools exude a sense of visual lightness, creating an illusion of weightlessness that adds to their allure. The swivel seat adds to their versatility, while the sleek design makes them a striking addition to any space.

Included in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the LEM Piston Stool stands as a testament to Lapalma’s commitment to excellence in design. Made in Italy, these stools represent a fusion of artistry and functionality, making them a timeless choice for any environment.