Knoll Regeneration Chair


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The ReGeneration Chair by Knoll is a testament to simplicity and innovation, designed to provide optimal comfort and support while minimizing materials and components. Manufactured in 2016 and lightly used in an office setting for a couple of years, this chair remains in excellent condition, ready to serve its next user.

With a design that prioritizes flexibility, durability, and sustainability, the ReGeneration Chair adapts to your movements, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Similar to other renowned ergonomic chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Sayl Chair, and Embody Chair, as well as the Steelcase Leap Chair and Gesture Chair, the ReGeneration Chair is highly sought after for its exceptional ergonomics, functionality, and durability.

If you’re in search of a chair that combines comfort, support, and sustainability, the ReGeneration Chair by Knoll is an excellent choice.