Herman Miller Cosm Chair


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This is the brand new Cosm chair by Herman Miller, featuring a Mid Back design with a grey mesh seat and back, along with height-adjustable arms.

Recognized as one of the 100 Best Inventions by Time magazine, the Cosm office chair boasts a sophisticated design that instantly responds to and supports your body, movement, and posture. With just a single lever, you can adjust its height effortlessly. The Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt, Intercept suspension, and flexible frame work together seamlessly to provide you with a sensation of blissful weightlessness.

For those who prefer simplicity over complex assembly instructions, the Cosm office chair is the perfect choice. Its revolutionary seat combines Auto-Harmonic Tilt, Intercept suspension, and a flexible frame to offer immediate support and comfort the moment you sit down—almost as if it were custom-made for you.